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Fussball Live
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Flag of Germany.svg SCES-01702
Sprache Deutsch
Spieler 2
Entwickler London Studio
Herausgeber Sony Computer Europe
Genre Sport
Thema Fussball
Integrität / Validierung
Datenträger 1
EAN 711719853725



Orientation Button PS L1.svg
Hold down to make your keeper come out Button PS L2.svg
Button PS Start.svg Pause
Button PS L1.svg Special
Button PS L2.svg Change your player
Bewegen Button PS Steuerkreuz.svg
Controller PS1.svg
Button PS Dreieck.svg Press repeatively for a spead burst

  Retain Player

Button PS Viereck.svg t got the ball, at worst it could be a RED card
Button PS Kreis.svg A sliding pass tackle/Hook tackle. It tackles and does kind of a pass while tackling

  A sliding tackle, also used to knock over the opposistion, it inflicts some injury, but if you get the opposition if they haven'

Button PS Kreuz.svg When the ball is in the air and is about to reach you header the ball in the desired direction + D-Pad

  When the ball is in the air and is about to reach you header shot or little header or Bicycle - Square + D-Pad


Das Spiel ist in physischer Form nur noch über den Gebrauchthandel zu bekommen.