Syndicate Wars

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Syndicate Wars
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Flag of Germany.svg SLES-00212
Sprache Deutsch
Spieler 4
Entwickler Bullfrog
Herausgeber Electronic Arts
Genre Action, Strategie, Shooter
ELSPA 15-17.png
Integrität / Validierung
EAN 5030932371966



+ D-Pad Left 

  Pick up object - || Button PS L2.svg

Button PS Start.svg Pause / Unpause

  Group Mode (not available in multiplayer mode) -

           Select Button 

  Abort Mission/Main menu -

           Start + Select for two seconds 

  Move agents -

           D-Pad (press twice to run) 

  Spin View -

           L1 or
Button PS L1.svg

  Change to agent 1 -

Button PS L2.svg +

  Mood Altering Substances Blue Funk/Red Mist (All Agents in Group Mode will be dosed, unless you use a mouse, where each Agent must be dosed individually) || Button PS Oben.svg

Controller PS1.svg
Button PS Dreieck.svg Send Agents to Point

  Select From Weapons -

Button PS Viereck.svg + D-Pad Right 
Button PS Kreis.svg + D-Pad Left/Right 
Button PS Kreuz.svg s


Das Spiel ist in physischer Form nur noch über den Gebrauchthandel zu bekommen.